Vepica Projects

Años de experiencia

Reports, data analysis, and visualizations


Development of reports, data analysis to support the development of IPC projects, and creation of different data visualizations.

Activities and responsabilities:

•   Technical development leader

•  Development of big data projects, analysis and treatment of massive data

•  Creation, monitoring and improvement of descriptive and predictive models with artificial intelligence algorithms

•  Creation of reports and data visualizations.

Herramientas: Business Intelligence report, SQL, PL-SQL, R, Python, Hadoop, Spark, Tableau, Power BI, Mongo DB, MySQL, bases de datos Oracle, weka

Smart Materials Cloud


Development of a Smart Materials migration and upgrade proposal in the cloud.

Activities and responsabilities:

•  Technical development leader

•  Planning and details of project activities

•  Cloud service provider analyst

•  Financial analysis of the project (cash flow projection)

•  Monitoring and updating of project activities

Tools: Microsoft Project, PMI, Scrum, Smart materials, cloud environments (Azure, Oracle Cloud, and others),  excel macros

   Smart Materials


Support and attention to users in the use of Smart Materials and any of its modules or components: SPRD, SPRD Plus, EPI-BOM, EPI-REQ, MSCM, Site, BIR, and the communication interface between Smart and SAP materials.

Activities and responsabilities: 

•  Administration and access control in Smart materials

•  Support and configuration of Smart materials in all modules and components 

•  Report management developments for EPC projects

•   Monitoring and control of processes linked to the Smart Materials - SAP interface (purchase orders, service orders, material receipts)

• Creation of ETL data processes

Tools: Oracle Database, SQL developer, SQL scripts, PL-SQL, MySql, R, Python, Oracle APEX, Mongo DB SAP MM, SAP PS, Microsoft excel

Monetary Reconversion


Monetary reconversion project, which required adjustments and configurations according to the currency exchange rate to be used, directly impacted the SAP-FI module, and on the issuance of purchase orders and the interface between Smart Materials and SAP-MM.

Activities and responsabilities:

• Technical leader of the project (Smart Materials and SAP-MM)
• Planning and monitoring of project activities
• Settings in Smart Materials for the treatment of purchase orders and service orders using the new currency.

• PL-SQL Developments (Oracle DB)
• Creation of test case matrices
• Creation of transition procedures for currency exchange in Smart materials
• Coordination with end-users for the execution and validation of test cases

Tools:  Smart Materials, Material Supply Chain Management, Site modules and suppliers, MIcrosoft Project, Scrum, etc  

SAP Support and Security


Security level support, user management and 2nd level support to other SAP modules: MM, PS, timesheets, travel management, etc.

Activities and responsabilities:

• SAP security administration and management
• Support and attention to SAP users (MM, PS, travel management, timesheets, etc.)
• Support and support to SAP audit processes
• Support to the management of requirements and SAP support cases (monitoring and control of cases)

Tools:  SAP R3, SAP PS, SAP MM, SAP portal

Smart Materials Upgrade 


Development of an upgrade proposal for the materials administration and management software: Smart Materials.

Activities and responsabilities: 

•  Technical leader of the project
•  Development and structure of the upgrade proposal for Smart Materials: identification of stakeholders, the definition of the project scope, cost estimation, estimation of time and project activities, quality management, supplier management, project team, risk management, and application of agile methodologies 

Tools: Microsoft Project, SCRUM, PMI, Smart Materials, Office 365

Smart Materials Upgrade


The project aimed at installing and configuring version 7.1.3 of Smart Materials in Vepica. Updating of functional procedures, store procedures, triggers, and data migration (Oracle). 

Activities and responsabilities:

•  Technical leader for project planning, execution and testing
•  Planning, monitoring and control of project activities
•  Coordination of activities with suppliers and end users
•  Support to end users in the validation of the different processes
•  Support and support to BD Oracle activities
•  Final validations and project closure

Tools: Microsoft Project, Smart materials, Smart reference data, smart reference data plus, Oracle Database, SQL developer, SQL, PL_SQL

Oracle APEX Reports


Configuration and personalized use of the Business Intelligence Report Tool, Oracle APEX (and complementary libraries) as tools for generating management reports in IPC projects within the company.

Activities and responsabilities:

• Technical leader of the solution
• Planning of activities for the configuration of libraries and components in Oracle APEX
• Configuration of Oracle Apex and companion libraries
• User tests for validation of the installation
• Creation of management reports in Oracle APEX

Tools: Oracle Database, SQL Developer, Oracle APEX, Libraries for ETL Processes, SQL Optimization, Business Intelligence Report 

Interface Improvements


Project to improve the functionalities initially developed for the communication interface between Smart materials and SAP-MM.

Activities and responsabilities:

• Technical leader of the solution
• Information gathering with functional users
• Coordination of development activities with suppliers
• Planning and monitoring of development activities• Creation of test case matrix
• Coordination of execution and validation of test cases with functional users

Tools: SAP-MM, Smart Materials, MSCM module (purchase orders, material receipt, and suppliers), SQL, PL-SQL, Oracle database, SQL developer

SAP implementation


Implementation of the SAP ERP solution to integrate business processes, allowing their automation, standardization, and adaptation according to the best business technology infrastructure practices.

Progressive implementation stages, the first one for the areas of Finance and Materials, to incorporate the core processes of Project Management in a second step..

Activities and responsabilities:

• Support and customer service for the different SAP modules: MM, FI, CO, TR, WF

• User administration and SAP access control

• Change Leader for the implementation

SAP-PS implementation


SAP implementation of the processes associated with project management in Vepica: project structure, management of staff, planning and control of procurement and construction, budget management, version management, claims, scope changes, profit distribution, cash flow.

Activities and responsabilities:

• Participation in stages of Business Blue Print

• Support and attention to users for the SAP-PS module

• SAP administration and access control

• Technical support in the implementation of the communication interface between Smart Materials and SAP-PS

• Change Leader for the implementation

Tools: SAP, SAP-PS, SAP-MM, ASAP metodology, Smart Materials

SAP MM - SM interface


Implementación de la interfaz de comunicación para transferecnia de información ( órdenes de compra,  órdenes de servicio, información de proveedores y recepciones de material) entre el sistema Smart Materials y el módulo de materiales SAP MM.

Activities and responsabilities:

• Participation in stages of Business Blue Print

•  Líder técnico para la planificación, ejecución y pruebas del proyecto de implantación

• Support at the DB level for the implementation of the interface

• Coordination and validation of test cases with functional users

Tools: Smart Materials, PL-SQL developer, Oracle Database (triggers, store procedures, SQL, PL-SQL), SAP-MM

 ® Smart Materials Implementation

• Participation in Business Blueprint of the project
• Support and administration of Smart Materials
• Technical documentation for engineering, procurement, and site processes
• Checking and validating of corporative reports in Smart Materials
• Customizing of Oracle Reports• Setting and support of the smart materials modules: SPRD, SPRD Plus, EPI-BOM, EPI-REQ, MSCM
• Setting and integration of Smart Materials with other design engineer tools (PDS, PDMS)

Tools: Smart Materials, Smart Reference Data, Smart reference Data plus, Oracle Reports, Sql Developer, SQL, PL-SQL